Giving Stories

These giving stories were selected from hundreds of inspirational stories for their relevance to high net worth giving and million dollar donors. We would like to thank our partners at Bolder Giving, Bridgespan Group and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors for providing us with these stories.


Values-Based Giving

The Kleissners have dedicated countless hours and utilized their skills, networks and know-how to impact what they are passionate about.

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John Simon and the GreenLight Fund: Proudly Not Invented Here

What is the best way to help proven nonprofit models spread to new cities? John Simon tried several tactics and then invented a new approach.

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Jeff Walker and NPower: Building on Existing Success

Philanthropist Jeff Walker began with a desire to help nonprofits struggling with technology, discovered that a nonprofit with a similar mission already existed, and built it into a thriving national network.

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The Lynch Foundation and Teach For America: How Philanthropy Can Help Ideas Become Reality

Peter and Carolyn Lynch take a portfolio approach to their philanthropy, and Teach For America is just one example of how they’re returning outsized impact for their investment dollars.

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Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

I try to remind myself that if I'm making more, I can give more. Giving from a foundation isn't enough when you’re wealthy, because that money was already given. We've got to remember to keep giving.


Growing Our Giving

For over 15 years we have been giving well beyond 100% of our income, roughly $1 million a year. We set up a supporting foundation which pays 6% out of a corpus of $17 million. Personally, I think this is not aggressive enough!