Data Stories

The Million Dollar List is a one-of-a-kind database that can be used to discover interesting stories about large gifts. The data stories on this page tease out patterns in the data that you might not be able to see from the larger view of the 68,000+ gifts recorded over 13 years.


Our first data story, A Decade of Million-Dollar Gifts, shows some of the larger trends in publicly announced giving at the $1 million level and up.


Over time, we will add more stories – stories that give a high-level view of such giving, but also stories that pick out very particular aspects of giving. These stories will tackle questions like: Who gives gifts to disaster relief, and what types of organizations receive those gifts? Where do estate gifts tend to be given? Which countries receive the most philanthropic gifts from US donors, and for what causes?


Do you have questions that we can answer to make an interesting data story? Let us know!


MDL Infographic April 2013

A Decade of Million Dollar Gifts - April 2013

"A Decade of Million Dollar-Gifts" answers key questions about $1+ million publicly announced gifts: who gives them, who receives them, and more.

mdl infographic v12

The Million Dollar Philanthropist At A Glance - May 2014

"The Million Dollar Philanthropist At A Glance" looks at million-dollar donors: how often do they give at this level, and what is the significance of a million-dollar gift?