Written ByJason Ward
OnMarch 3, 2012
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Expanding and Improving the Million Dollar List


The Million Dollar List is continually evolving and expanding.

Today, the Center on Philanthropy is announcing the addition of an improved data set for the Million Dollar List. The additions and corrections, many suggested by our users, help improve the accuracy of the existing data as well as add significant data from previous years.

Among the data enhancements:
• New data about gifts from individuals/households in 2011
• Expanded data about foundation giving for 2010
• Improved coding for subsectors on all existing data
• Complete city, state and country information for all gift recipients

These enhancements are just the first of many we have scheduled for the data and the database. Beginning in second quarter of 2012, gifts will be added directly to the data set weekly, allowing users to access more timely data on million dollar giving. Improved mechanisms for searching the data set, as well as new methods for graphing and charting the data, are planned for the near future.

We hope you will interact with the new data and even download the entire data set. Please share your feedback, suggestions and additions. You help make the Million Dollar List the most complete and accurate picture of giving above the $1 million threshold.

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