Peter and Carolyn Lynch

Peter and Carolyn Lynch - The Lynch Foundation and Teach For America: How Philanthropy Can Help Ideas Become Reality

Peter and Carolyn Lynch take a portfolio approach to their philanthropy, and Teach For America is just one example of how they’re returning outsized impact for their investment dollars.

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Alexander Gaguine

Alexander Gaguine - Giving Before You Receive

When I was 44, I could have received a substantial inheritance. Instead, I persuaded my dad to change his estate plans so those millions would go directly into a private foundation.

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Joshua Mailman

Joshua Mailman - Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

I try to remind myself that if I'm making more, I can give more. Giving from a foundation isn't enough when you’re wealthy, because that money was already given. We've got to remember to keep giving.

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Phil Villers

Phil Villers - Philanthropy Through Action

Money has been just one piece of the much more important context of how I live my life. My advice to others is this: figure out what you really want to do with your life and your money, and then do it

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Connie Duckworth

Connie Duckworth - Connie Duckworth Weaves a Way for Afghan Women

What are your plans for retirement? In Afghanistan, Connie Duckworth is putting her Wall Street ambition and savvy to the test.

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Abigail Disney

Abigail Disney - The Power of Personal Engagement

I was afraid to be bold in my 20s. The first leap I took was moving from LA to NYC-far from my family of origin, to have the space to become myself.

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Lewis Cullman

Lewis Cullman - The Art of Making and Giving Money

My first advice about philanthropy came from my mother. She said, "Who cares what is said about you after you're dead?" And now, from personal experience, I encourage giving while one's alive.

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Jennifer and Peter Buffett

Jennifer and Peter Buffett - The Buffetts Find "the Sound"

What would you do with one billion dollars? Jennifer and Peter Buffett were faced with this extraordinary challenge and opportunity.

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Carol Newell

Carol Newell - Maximizing Giving

If we’re willing to ditch the limiting precepts we learned, those of us with significant capital can have the greatest legacy imaginable.

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The Million Dollar List holds the nation’s most complete data on million dollar gifts.

The Million Dollar List is continually evolving and expanding. The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is announcing the addition of an improved data set for the Million Dollar List. The additions and corrections, many suggested by our users, help improve the accuracy of the existing data as well as add significant data from previous years.

Conrad N. Hilton set a charitable example that his son still follows today. T. Boone Pickens inspired Oklahoma State University students to remember their alma mater long after graduation. Melvin and Bren Simon made possible a state-of-the-art cancer facility that saves lives every day.

The Million Dollar List is the only public and free record of publicly reported gifts of $1 million or more since 2000. It provides a clearer picture of the philanthropic landscape, revealing patterns and trends in million dollar-plus giving. Million dollar gifts comprise a key part of charitable giving and represent an important threshold for donors. Information and increased knowledge about these gifts provide greater insight into giving at this level, and offers donors and their advisors a new resource as they consider strategic approaches to their giving. Learn more about The Million Dollar List.

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy has conducted initial analyses on the Million Dollar List data.  Please check out the first series of findings.

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